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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > Sources of Applicants - Pg. 269

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company 269 Eileen was able to suggest ways of making help wanted ads more attractive to the type candidate she was seeking. Adam asked permission to speak directly to the employment agency that was working on the opening in his team and clarified some of their misunderstandings of his needs. Nina was able to suggest some sources HR had not thought of. Aaron's team worked in a branch distant from the home office, and he had to do the recruiting himself. Tried-and-True Sources Even if a job is hard to fill, don't overlook the standard sources for recruiting applicants--and not all jobs are hard to fill. These are tried-and-true methods: · Help wanted ads.The most usual source for seeking applicants for routine jobs is to place ads in local newspapers. These ads are read by local residents who are seeking positions. However, if your job is hard to fill and you are willing to relocate people from other areas, your best bet is to advertise in trade or professional journals. · Private employment agencies.Most of these agencies have files of applicants who are imme- diately available and can match them against your job specs, enabling you to fill the job quickly. As they screen applicants before referring them, you will see only qualified people and avoid the wasted time of interviewing countless unqualified applicants. Contact employment agencies that specialize in your type of work. You can identify these agen- cies by studying the ads that they place in newspapers and professional journals. If you note that the agency covers a variety of jobs in your areas of interest, it probably will understand your specs and may have candidates available who fit your needs. Once you've established a rela- tionship with one or two agencies, you will be able to have a ready source of personnel when needed. Most employment agencies require the employer to pay a fee, which may range from 20 to 30