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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > The Laws That Affect Employment - Pg. 267

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company 267 Most company application forms no longer ask a person's age or date of birth. Age is omitted in most resumés. Yet, it's still easy to guess an applicant's age range within a few years. A team leader who gives preference to younger applicants may reject potential members who could be of great value to the team, just because of the prospect's age. Heads Up! When you interview older applicants, avoid the stereotypes that may keep you from hiring highly qualified people for the wrong reason. Many team leaders have conscious or subconscious reluctance to hire men and women who are older than the team members. Of course, they don't admit it. Here are some of the "rationalizations" that leaders give for not hiring otherwise qualified older candidates: · The applicant is overqualified.The term overqualified is often a euphemism for "too old." Some people may have more know-how or experience than a job requires. You may be concerned they will be bored and unhappy in a short time, lose interest, and become nonproductive. Discuss the details of the work with the applicant. Every job gives the holder an opportunity to learn new