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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > The Laws That Affect Employment - Pg. 266

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 266 No.Because men aren't usually asked about provisions for child care, it has been interpreted as a means of discriminating against women. No.Training programs may not be limited to young people. No.Participation in a pension program is not an acceptable reason for age discrimination. No.Ability to travel is not related to age. Yes.But you may not ask how the applicant learned the language because it may identify national origin. No.A company's desire to have an attractive woman as a receptionist doesn't make it a bona fide occupational qualification (see the following section). Every manager who hires people should, ideally, score 100 percent on this quiz. Failure to comply with any one of these rules may result in complaints, investigations, hearings, and penalties. Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications (BFOQs) There are some positions for which a company is permitted to specify only a man or only a woman for the job. Clear-cut reasons must exist, however, for why a person of only that gender can perform the job. In the law, these reasons are referred to as bona fide occupational qualifications , or BFOQs. If a job calls for heavy lifting, for example, is it a BFOQ for men only? Not necessarily. Certain strong women may be able to do the job, and certain weak men may not. It's legitimate to require that all applicants--both men and women--pass a weightlifting test. Team Terms Bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ).A specific qualification that limits a job to only men or only women. The only undisputed bona fide occupational qualifications are wet nurse (for a woman) and sperm donor (for a man). And that's not all. Suppose that a job calls for driving a forklift truck and that the operator is occa- sionally required to do heavy lifting. A woman applicant may be able to drive the truck but not be able to do the lifting. If the lifting is only a small part of the job, you cannot reject her. She is capable of performing the major aspect of the work, and other people can be assigned to handle the lifting. Suppose that you have always had an attractive woman as your receptionist and that the job is now open. Is this a BFOQ for a woman? Of course not. There's no reason that a man who has the personality for the position cannot be just as effective. Avoiding Age Discrimination Problems Despite federal and state laws, the accent on youth in many companies has kept older men and women from getting and keeping jobs or from functioning at their highest levels in a job. Study after study have shown that mature people are at least as productive and creative, are more reliable, and make better judgments and decisions than their younger counterparts.