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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > The Laws That Affect Employment - Pg. 265

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company Other areas: Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No 7. 8. 9. 10. 265 Companies may give tests to applicants to measure intelligence or personality as long as the publisher of the test guarantees that it is nondiscriminatory. A company may refuse to employ applicants because they are over 70. A company may refuse to employ an applicant if she is pregnant. A company may ask what provisions a woman has made for child care. A company may indicate an age preference if Yes Yes Yes No No No 11. 12. 13. It is for a training program. Older people cannot qualify for the company pension program. The job calls for considerable travel. Miscellaneous questions: Yes Yes No No 14. 15. A company may ask what foreign languages an applicant speaks. The company may specify that it requires an attractive woman to greet customers and visitors. The following quiz answers are based on federal law, but some states have interpreted the laws somewhat differently. In addition, because new laws, administrative rulings, and judicial interpreta- tions are promulgated from time to time, the reasoning on which these answers is based may change. Keep in mind the job-relatedness of the questions and whether the questions asked of applicants have a disparate effect on minorities. These are key factors in determining the legitimacy of the questions. 1. No.You cannot ask about next of kin because the response may show national origin if the