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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > The Laws That Affect Employment - Pg. 264

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company Let's review it: 264 · "Young guys."--Violates the prohibition of both age and sex discrimination. Avoid terms that even hint at gender preference, such as guys or gals. · "Recent college grad."-- Recent usually means young. Of course, some people graduate from college in their 40s or older, but they're the exceptions to the norm. Specifying or even imply- ing that a candidate be "young" violates the age discrimination laws. · "Ivy-Leaguer."--This discriminates against people who, because of their race or religion, have chosen to attend primarily minority colleges or religion-sponsored schools. Also, because mi- norities are likely to be less affluent and attend less expensive schools, hiring only "Ivy Leaguers" has the effect of discriminating against minorities. · "Churchgoer."--This phrase violates the prohibition against religious discrimination. It can be interpreted as discriminating against people who choose not to belong to any organized religion, or as "Christian only," because members of other religions may not attend "church." "I didn't know I couldn't ask that." Heads Up!