Power, Power. Who's Got the Power? 185 Heads Up! Don't be afraid to share power with team members. In a successfully empowered team, members build up their skills, their productivity, their confidence. If the team does well, you look good to your bosses. During the installation, as problems arose, the team members were empowered to make decisions to correct them without having to get Dick's approval every time. Dick reported that this process worked well. Previously he would have done all the preparatory work himself. He then would have assigned the work to his team members and required them to come to him to solve every problem. This would have taken longer and cost more, and the workers involved would have looked at it as just another job. Is It for Real? The key to success of an empowered team is mutual trust, respect, and openness. It's not always easy for these to be developed. Some team leaders believe that their subordinates don't have the