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Chapter 15. Power, Power. Who's Got the ... > Who's Got the Power? Who Gets the Po... - Pg. 184

Power, Power. Who's Got the Power? 184 All of these are true with regard to the way empowerment is perceived, but none state the real meaning of this term. Empowerment, if truly implemented, is a new framework for the relationship between managers and subordinates. Indeed, it blurs the line between these categories. The team is the ideal vehicle for empowerment. An empowered team is one in which the team leader and team members share authority and responsibility. Who's Got the Power? Who Gets the Power? Power is held by the people who make the decisions that govern how a company, a department, or a team operates. In most companies, power is in the hands of management. In a typical hierarchy, the power flows downward from the CEO through the layers of management. Each layer has power over the one beneath it. Team Terms Empowerment means sharing the power you have with the people over whom you have power. Team members are given the authority to make decisions that previously were reserved for managers.