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Chapter 15. Power, Power. Who's Got the ... > Problems of Empowerment - Pg. 189

Power, Power. Who's Got the Power? 189 · Figure out why people don't want to stretch their brains.Employees are often happy doing rou- tine work in a routine way. Find the true reason that they feel this way. Heads Up! Head off problems before they start. Have counseling available to assist people who have difficulty ad- justing to the new techniques. Perhaps they don't believe that they have the ability to do more than routine work. Sometimes you have to work with team members to build up their self-confidence. · Help team members fully understand their new roles.Take the time in the beginning to explain the true meaning of empowerment. Time spent in good orientation pays off in better team efforts. · Train your team members to generate ideas.Show videos about team participation; teach team members to brainstorm. Have members of another team that has been successful in empowered activities describe how empowerment has worked for their team. · Get underway slowly.In the beginning, choose assignments or projects that easily lend them- selves to participatory effort. Gradually progress to the point at which team members tackle all