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Chapter 10. Overcoming Team Discord > Stress and Burnout - Pg. 117

Overcoming Team Discord 117 · Take a break.If possible, get away from your workplace--get out of the building. If you work in a city, take a walk around the block. If you work in an industrial park, walk around the parking lot. If the weather is bad, walk around inside the building. In 10 or 15 minutes, you'll feel the stress dissolve and be able to face your job with renewed energy. · Exercise.If you work in a crowded office, it's obviously not expedient to get up in the middle of the room and do jumping jacks or pushups, but you can choose from several relaxation exercises without being obtrusive. Books and videotapes are available to show you how. If your company has an exercise room, get on the treadmill for five minutes (not enough to work up a sweat, but enough to relax your mind). · Change your pace.Most people work on more than one project at a time. If the pressures are too great on your current project, stop for a while and work on another one. When you return to your original assignment, it will go much more smoothly. FYI If you want more information on managing stress, read The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Stress , by Jeff Davidson.