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Chapter 10. Overcoming Team Discord > Stress and Burnout - Pg. 116

Overcoming Team Discord 116 Team Terms Dr. Hans Selye, a pioneer in studying stress, defines distress , or bad stress, as the chronic state of anxiety caused by unremitting pressures of job, personal, or societal problems. "There's just too much work to do." When a team survives downsizing and reorganization, the remaining members may have to work longer and harder. The boss piles more and more work on the team, and the team just can't handle it. As team leader, you decide that you have to speak to your boss about this. Before you approach your manager, thoroughly analyze the jobs your team is doing. Indicate how much time team members devote to each project, and determine each project's importance to the accomplishment of the team's goals. Reexamine your boss's priorities. Decide with your team what it can do to work smarter rather than harder. If you still feel after this analysis that your team has more work than it can handle effectively, meet with your boss to review its results and try to reorder your team's priorities. Your boss may agree to defer certain time-consuming jobs because others are more important, reassign some jobs to