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Chapter 10. Overcoming Team Discord > Team Troublemakers - Pg. 113

Overcoming Team Discord 113 Team Builder If the person you're criticizing begins to cry or throw a tantrum, say that you're leaving and you'll return after he or she calms down. Wait 10 minutes, and then try again. Note: It's best not to conduct potentially emotional meetings in your office--use a conference room instead. Why did she hoard? Often the reason for this behavior is insecurity. She may fear that if others had her "know-how" she might be looked upon as expendable. Her "knowledge" is her security blanket. Or perhaps she liked to hold things to herself so she could look good to the boss when she brought them out in solving problems. Whatever her reason, the result was devastating to the functioning of the team. Projects were stalled, associates were stymied, errors were made due to the lack of information needed by the rest of the team. Set up a system for distribution of all information. Hold a meeting to discuss the rules so there can be no misunderstanding. Require all team members to follow the rules. Caution all associates that failure to follow the system is a serious violation of team rules and could lead to disciplinary action.