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Chapter 10. Overcoming Team Discord > Team Troublemakers - Pg. 112

Overcoming Team Discord 112 Overly Sensitive Team Members No one likes to be criticized, but most people can accept constructive criticism. However, there are some people who resent any criticism. Even the slightest criticism of their work causes them to get defensive. Let's look at an example of how fear of criticism kept one team from meeting deadlines. One of the team members, Kevin, is so concerned about being criticized that he's overly cautious in all areas of his work. Rather than risk a slight error, he checks, double-checks, and then rechecks everything he does. This process may minimize his exposure to criticism, but it's so time-consuming that it slows down his entire team. In addition, because of this fear, Kevin hesitates on making decisions. His excuse: "I need more information before I can decide." If members of your team behave the way Kevin does, follow these guidelines to help them overcome their fears: · Assure them that, because of their excellent knowledge in their field, their work is usually correct the first time and doesn't have to be checked repeatedly. · Point out that occasional errors are normal and that they can be caught and corrected later without reflecting on the ability of the person who made them. · If you feel that team members need more information before making a decision, guide them toward resources to help them obtain it. If you feel that they have adequate information, insist that they make prompt decisions. · If the team member asks you what to do, reassure him that you believe he has the capability to make the decision and insist it be made quickly.