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Chapter 10. Overcoming Team Discord > Team Troublemakers - Pg. 111

Overcoming Team Discord 111 People with Low Self-Esteem Self-esteem is the way people feel about themselves. If you think of yourself as a success, you will be a success; if you think of yourself as secondrate, you will always be secondrate--unless you change your self-perception--and it can be done. Team Builder Keep a success log for your team. Enter in it the special achievements of each of your team members and of your team as a whole. Encourage each team member to keep a personal success log. When things don't go well or when you and your team members are feeling low, have everyone reread the log. People with low self-esteem show it in the way they talk about themselves. They're more likely to complain about their failures than to brag about successes. They rarely express opinions that differ from those of other team members, and when they do, they preface it with an apology. When pressed to express their thoughts or ideas, they start their answers with, "I'm not sure about this," or, "I'm probably wrong, but ..." They never volunteer to lead a discussion, and they take charge of a project only when the leader assigns it and then they express doubts about their ability to do it properly.