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Chapter 10. Overcoming Team Discord > Members Who Don't Carry Their Loads - Pg. 109

Overcoming Team Discord 109 Team Builder If one of the team members is keeping the team from achieving its goals, determine the true reason. Both the leader and the other team members should work with the member to overcome it. Let's look at some of the ways to deal with this. Let the Team Leader Fix It The team leader must first determine why Bob is not performing as well as other associates. There could be many reasons: 1. He may not have the basic skills needed. If this is the case, Bob needs additional training. This can be done by personal coaching in the area where Bob needs help or by sending him to special training programs. He may know the basics, but is not using them properly. The team leader or another member should work closely with him, observing his methods and suggesting how he can correct his faults. 2.