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Part: 2 Molding a Group Into a Working Team - Pg. 35

35 Part 2. Molding a Group Into a Working Team You're a team leader. Should we congratulate you or commiserate with you? You have your work cut out for you. It's no easy task to mold a group of individuals--each with his or her own skills, experience, philosophy, and mindset, into a creative, contributing, collaborative team. What do you need to get started? You have to learn to lead. The old days, when the boss gave orders and expected subordinates to carry them out, have long since passed. Today's leader is not a boss, but a facilitator, coordinator, and above all, a motivator. The seeds of success have been planted in all of us. Now it's up to you to cultivate those seeds so they grow into flourishing plants. The food you need to fertilize these plants is the knowledge of the tools of leadership. In the following chapters you will find this fertilizer--the basics of molding a team that will be a productive contributor to your organization's success.