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Chapter 6. Meetings: Time-Wasters or Pro... > Get the Most out of Meetings You Att... - Pg. 68

Meetings: Time-Wasters or Productivity Tool? 68 The way in which the leader conducts a meeting can mean the difference between it being a valuable tool or a waste of time. The following quiz will help you determine how effective your meetings are. Table 6-1. Meeting Self-Evaluator Before the meeting _____1. Did you prepare an agenda for the meeting? _____2. Did you distribute agenda to participants in advance of meeting? _____3. Did you set starting and ending times for meeting? _____4. Did you prepare visuals and/or handouts? _____5. Did you assign segments of the program to team members? _____6. Did you appoint a member to be the recorder of the meeting? _____7. Did you arrange for all needed equipment and supplies: _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Chalkboard and chalk Flip chart easel Flip chart pads and markers Computer & projector for PowerPoint Overhead projector Slide projector Other ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ During the meeting _____1. Did you stick to the agenda?