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Chapter 6. Meetings: Time-Wasters or Pro... > Make the Meeting Interactive - Pg. 64

Meetings: Time-Wasters or Productivity Tool? 64 Make the Meeting Interactive At too many meetings, the meeting leader dominates the discussion. When that happens the others are an audience, not participants. Especially if the meeting involves just one team, it is essential that everybody on that team participate. There is no place for passive listeners in team activity. Every participant should have received a copy of the agenda before the meeting and should be prepared to comment, contribute suggestions, and ask questions. But often, this does not happen. Why? It may be that the person running the meeting dominates the discussion, and directly or indirectly discourages others to participate. Another reason: The members are not adequately pre- pared; they don't know enough about the subject. It also may be that some members are too shy to open their mouths. Encourage All Members, Even the Shyest, to Participate Ask questions that stimulate discussion. Be open to questions and dissension. It's better to have members bring up problems at a meeting than let them stew over them over a long period of time. Team Builder