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Chapter 6. Meetings: Time-Wasters or Pro... > Make the Meeting Interactive - Pg. 65

Meetings: Time-Wasters or Productivity Tool? 65 Similar to the blabbermouths are the digressors. Like the blabbermouths, their hands are always waving. But when you do recognize them, their comments are usually about a fringe aspect of the subject or some entirely different area. Why do they do this? It's possible they didn't know or forgot the objective of the meeting, but more likely it's their way of getting attention. The best approach is not to respond to the comment. Point out that this is not on the agenda and time is limited. If the person wishes to discuss it, suggest that you will be glad to do it privately after the meeting or, if it has some merit, place it on an agenda for a future meeting. Heads Up! To control some members from dominating meetings, select some object like a small flag or baton and require that no participant can talk unless they are holding it. The meeting leader controls the flag, allowing only one person at a time to talk. "You're wrong!" Dealing with Dissidents Another type of meeting disrupter is the dissident. This person always finds something to disagree