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Chapter 6. Meetings: Time-Wasters or Pro... > Set the Stage for Successful Session... - Pg. 61

Meetings: Time-Wasters or Productivity Tool? 61 FYI In a survey conducted at Dun & Bradstreet's Business Education Services management seminars, more than 70 percent of the people interviewed felt that they had wasted time at the meetings they attended. Why Meetings? Some of the reasons for holding meetings include dissemination and discussion of information. There are lots of ways of giving needed information to the team. You can send a memo or letter. You can hold one-to-one conferences with each team member. You can include the information in a bulletin or manual. However, a meeting is the best way of giving information to the entire team at the same time. This allows the team to discuss it as a group, ask questions, obtain ideas and opin- ions from all the members, and develop a consensus about the issue. Meetings can be especially productive in the following areas: · Explaining or reviewing procedures and solving problems.Areas of confusion can be identified by the questions asked and resolved by answers from the leader or from other team members. · Idea generation.Meetings provide the time and tools for brainstorming new ideas and devel-