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Chapter 12. Measuring Performance > Peer Appraisals - Pg. 141

Measuring Performance 141 Members are asked to evaluate their progress for the past month by responding in writing to a series of questions. At the appraisal interview the team leader and member discuss the member's responses and de- velop plans to enhance the strengths, shore up the weaknesses, and set revised goals for the ensuing month. Peer Appraisals In the traditional organization, supervisors rate their subordinates. When teams enter the picture, the supervisor, now team leader, usually still evaluates team members, but this is supplemented by team members rating each other. Why? Ratings by several people are likely to provide more ob- jective results. Members work closely with each other. They really know how well associates do their jobs. Because ratings are made by several people, individual biases, jealousies, and person- ality conflicts are neutralized. Team Builder Team leaders should note their comments on the monthly report form and keep copies in their files. Reviewing the monthly reports when making the annual formal appraisal will result in a much more realistic view of the