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Chapter 12. Measuring Performance > Types of Performance Assessments - Pg. 136

Measuring Performance 136 Performance standards are usually based on the experiences of satisfactory workers who have done that type of work over a period of time. Whether the standards cover the quality or quantity of the work, or other aspects of the job, they should meet these criteria: · They should be specific. Every person doing a job should know exactly what he or she is ex- pected to do. · They should be measurable. The company should have a touchstone against which perform- ance can be measured. · They must be attainable. Unless the standards can be met, people will consider them unfair and resist working toward them. One way of setting standards that are understood and accepted by team members is to have them participate in setting them and encouraging them to make a practice of regularly evaluating their own performance against those standards. In this way members don't have to wait for formal per- formance assessments to discover that they are not meeting standards. They see for themselves where they stand and can take corrective action immediately. FYI