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Chapter 12. Measuring Performance > Individual vs. Team Appraisals - Pg. 134

134 Chapter 12. Measuring Performance In This Chapter · Appraising individuals and teams · Types of evaluations · How peer appraisal works · The leader's performance interview with the team member "How am I doing?" Everybody wants to know how he or she is doing on the job--and every team wants to know if it is performing up to the expectations of the team manager--and in turn, of the organization. That's the main reason for performance appraisals. Some of the other values of a good performance appraisal program are · · · · It ensures understanding of performance expectations by all members of the team. It builds confidence between the team leader and the team members. It identifies training and development needs. It fosters communication and feedback. There are a variety of systems to measure performance of individuals and of teams. In this chapter we'll look at some of these and how to make appraisals work in improving the team's performance. Individual vs. Team Appraisals Conducting formal reviews of the performance of individuals on the job has long been part of cor- porate procedures. The annual review--often dreaded by both the supervisor and the employee-- was looked upon chiefly as the determination of how much (if any) salary increase a person would receive.