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Chapter 12. Measuring Performance > Discussing Performance with Team Members - Pg. 144

Measuring Performance 144 Heads Up! An appraisal interview isn't the leader telling the team member, "This is what you did well, and that is what you did poorly." It's a two-way discussion about performance. Even if a team member's excuses are superficial and self-serving, allowing them to be voiced clears the air. Then you both can be prepared to face real situations and come up with viable ideas. Make Criticism Constructive Many team leaders find it difficult to give criticism. Here are some guidelines to help deal with this sensitive area: · Begin with a positive approach by asking the team member to assess the successes achieved and the steps taken to achieve those successes. · Encourage him or her to talk about projects that didn't succeed and what caused the failure. · Ask what might have been done to avoid the mistakes. · Contribute your suggestions about how the matter could have been handled more effectively.