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Chapter 12. Measuring Performance > Discussing Performance with Team Members - Pg. 143

Measuring Performance 143 Team Builder Most people are uneasy about appraisal interviews. Allay these fears by making some positive comments when you schedule an interview. You can say, "I've scheduled your appraisal interview for 2:30 on Wednesday. I want to talk about your accomplishments this year, and discuss our plans for next year." Reflect on your experiences in dealing with this person. Have there been any special behavioral problems? Any problems that have affected her or his work? Any strong, positive assets you want to nurture? Any special points you want to discuss? The Appraisal Interview Make the team member feel at ease with a few minutes of small talk. Then point out the reasons for the appraisal meeting. Say something like this: "As you know, each year we review what has been accomplished during the preceding year and discuss what we can do together in the following year." Note the areas of the job in which team members have met standards, and particularly the areas in which they have excelled. By giving specific examples of these achievements, you let team mem-