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Chapter 12. Measuring Performance > Types of Performance Assessments - Pg. 139

Measuring Performance 139 Team Terms A KRA (key results area) is an aspect of a job on which employees must concentrate time and attention to ensure that they achieve the goals for that job. Unless the team leader and the team member take an objective view of what he or she should accomplish, unrealistic expectations may be set. The danger is that they may be set so low that employees attain them with little effort, or so high that employees have little chance of attaining them. Not all goals are equal in importance. Consider the value of the expectation in comparison to the overall goals of the team and the company. Intangible goals are more difficult to measure. Even intangible factors, however, have tangible pha- ses that can be identified. For example, rather than indicate that a goal is to "improve employee morale," specify it in terms that are measurable, such as "reduce turnover by X percent" or "decrease the number of grievances by Y percent." Rather than state a goal as "Develop a new health insur- ance plan," break it into phases, such as "Complete study of proposed plans by October 31" or "Submit recommendations by December 15."