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Chapter 22. Making the Hiring Decision > Making a Job Offer - Pg. 296

Making the Hiring Decision 296 Common Mistakes in Hiring Heads Up! Don't let anxiety over losing a desirable candidate tempt you to make an informal offer--promising a higher salary or other condition of employment that hasn't been approved--with the hope that you can persuade management to agree to it. Failure to get this agreement will not only cause the applicant to reject the offer, but can also lead to legal action against the company. In making a hiring decision, make every effort to avoid letting irrelevant or insignificant factors in- fluence you. Some of these are · Overemphasizing appearance.Although neatness and grooming are good indicators of per- sonal work habits, good looks are too often overemphasized in employment. This bias has re- sulted in companies rejecting well-qualified men and women in favor of their more physically attractive competitors. · Giving preference to people like you.You may subconsciously favor people who attended the