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Chapter 22. Making the Hiring Decision > Checking Applicant's Background - Pg. 293

Making the Hiring Decision 293 "If we hire Edgar, he will need some special training for this job. Can you point out any areas to which we should give particular attention?" From the answer you receive, you may pick up some information about Edgar's weaknesses. FYI One of the great paradoxes in reference checking is that companies want full information about prospective employees from former employers, but because of their fear of being sued for defamation, when asked for information about their former employees, they give little more than basic information. Another way to get more and better information about a candidate is to make a personal visit to the former employer. Obviously, this is expensive and time consuming and is not feasible in most cases. However, if the position is a critical one and the company is nearby, a face-to-face interview with the prospect's former team leader may be very enlightening. In a personal interview, you not only are likely to get a franker report, but by studying the former boss's body language, you can pick up clues that can lead to significant follow-up questions. One of the advantages of having a good network in your industry and community is that you are