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Chapter 22. Making the Hiring Decision > Checking Applicant's Background - Pg. 292

Making the Hiring Decision 292 Unfortunately, in this increasingly litigious world, companies have cautioned team leaders and hu- man resources staff not to give any information about a former employee on the telephone. Some- times they'll verify dates of employment and job title, but that's all. Heads Up! Be careful to follow the same guidelines in asking questions of the reference as you do in interviewing appli- cants. Just as you can't ask an applicant whether she has young children, for example, you can't attempt to get this type of information from the reference. This makes getting useful information much more difficult--and that information is needed if good hiring decisions are to be made. The following list provides some tips for making a reference check: · Call an applicant's immediate supervisor.Try to avoid speaking to the company's HR staff members. The only information they usually have is what's on file. An immediate supervisor can give you details about exactly how that person worked, as well as his or her personality factors and other significant traits. · Begin your conversation with a friendly greeting.Then ask whether the employer can verify