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Chapter 22. Making the Hiring Decision > Checking Applicant's Background - Pg. 291

Making the Hiring Decision 291 Team Builder Unless your company policy requires that reference checks be made by the human resources department, it's better for the team leader to do it. Team leaders have more insight into the team's needs and can react to the responses to questions with follow-up questions that will help determine whether the applicant's background fits the team's needs. The problem in sending letters or e-mails--be they simple forms or more complex inquiries--is the reluctance of most people to put anything of an adverse nature in writing. If it gets into the wrong hands, they may face a defamation suit. Even if the letter is true, the company must go through the trouble and expense of defending itself. And if the information is subjective (for example, "he was lazy," "she is stubborn"), it's not easy to prove. Today, most companies prefer to use the telephone to check references. Effective Telephone Reference Checks Most reference checks are made by telephone. To make the best of a difficult situation, you must carefully plan the reference check and use diplomacy in conducting it.