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Chapter 22. Making the Hiring Decision > Bring Team Members Into the Act - Pg. 289

Making the Hiring Decision 289 Team Terms In panel interviews , a group of interviewers (often the entire team) sit down with the applicant and col- lectively conduct the interview. A variation on this is the assessment center , in which, in addition to the interview, the candidates are given a series of exercises to perform, and the panel observes them in action. After the panel interview , the panel members discuss what has been learned and their reac- tions to the prospect. 2. Assessment centers Although companies usually use assessment centers as a means of evaluating current em- ployees to determine their advancement potential, this approach can be adapted for screening applicants. Here's how it works. If after interviews with the human resources staff and the team leader there is a serious interest in the candidate, he or she may be invited to participate in the assessment process. Members of the assessment group are usually drawn from team members and members of