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Chapter 11. Maintaining Harmony Within t... > When Members Disagree About the Work - Pg. 123

Maintaining Harmony Within the Team · Be willing to compromise. Both of you may have good points. 123 Heads Up! Don't gloat. If your associate backs down and agrees you are right, give the associate an opportunity to save face. Say, for example, "I can understand why you felt that way before you had a chance to get all the facts." Remember you have to work with this associate over the long haul. · If you can't settle the disagreement, bring it to the team leader to be resolved according to team procedures. When Members Disagree About the Work Disagreements and discord among team members primarily arise from two sources: They disagree on work assignments or there are personality conflicts between members. Disagreements caused by different views on dealing with job problems are easier to deal with than personality clashes. Let's look at how Mark, a team leader, handled a conflict of ideas between team members Andy and Candy.