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Chapter 11. Maintaining Harmony Within t... > Preventing Grievances - Pg. 132

Maintaining Harmony Within the Team 132 · Medical doctors:If a company doesn't have its own medical department or an employee doesn't have a primary care physician, local hospitals or medical societies can provide a list of qualified physicians. · Psychiatrists:These M.D.s deal with serious psychological disorders. · Psychologists or psychotherapists:These specialists usually have a degree in psychology or social work and handle most of the usual emotional problems people face. · Marriage counselors and family therapists:These professionals deal with marital problems, dif- ficulties with children, and related matters. Obtain from your local family service association or mental health association the names of qualified psychologists, psychiatrists, or marriage and family therapists in the area. · Financial counselors:These people help others work out payment plans with creditors, develop budgets, and live within their income. Your bank or credit union can provide referrals. When you refer someone for professional help, be sure to avoid using the terms psychiatrist, psy- chologist, or therapist. They have negative connotations to most people. Tell a troubled person that he or she might benefit from seeing a counselor who specializes in a particular area. Back up your advice by explaining how counseling has helped other people. Team Terms