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Chapter 11. Maintaining Harmony Within t... > Preventing Grievances - Pg. 131

Maintaining Harmony Within the Team · Resolve problems as soon as possible after hearing about them. 131 When Personal Problems Interfere with Performance All of us have personal problems. We worry about our health, about our families, and about money. We always have something to worry about. People carry their worries with them into the workplace, and worries do affect their work. Team leaders are often reluctant to pry into an associate's personal life--and many people resent prying. Sometimes, it's necessary, however. It's much easier if you, as team leader, have a good personal relationship with your associates and if you've always shown interest in them as individuals. If you have this type of relationship, begin the discussion by commenting about job-related matters. Ask a question about the work. It may lead into a discussion of the problems the person is having with the project, which may be caused by personal matters. Heads Up! Don't give advice about serious personal matters. Team leaders are not trained psychologists. Listen! Help