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Chapter 11. Maintaining Harmony Within t... > The Leader as a Counselor - Pg. 129

Maintaining Harmony Within the Team 129 2. 3. 4. Even if there is no basis for the complaint, it should still be given adequate attention. Investigate to uncover the true facts. Explain to the employee what has been discovered. Remember that to the person making the complaint, it is very important even if it appears trivial to the supervisor. It cannot be ignored or glibly passed over by saying, "I'll take care of it," and then forgetting about it. In settling a grievance, a broken promise is the surest way to break down the entire program of sound employee relations. If no settlement is reached, the individual should be given the opportunity to bring the problem --without fear of reprisal--to the next highest level of management. Here again every effort should be made to solve the problem. The next step, if needed, would be to bring the problem to the human resources manager, the general manager, or another highly placed executive. Usually agreement will be reached at an earlier stage, but if not, the individual and management may agree to submit the grievance to a mutually acceptable third party for arbitration. This is not often done in nonunion organizations, but is an option that management may wish to have available in cases where it is in the best interest of all to solve the problem. Arbitration is a better alternative and usually much less expensive than legal action. FYI