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Chapter 11. Maintaining Harmony Within t... > The Leader as a Counselor - Pg. 128

Maintaining Harmony Within the Team 128 Team Terms A gripe is an informal complaint. A grievance is a formal complaint, usually based on the violation of a union contract or formal company policy. · Getting information from the top down rarely presents a problem; to get information from bottom to top is not that easy. The key person here is the team leader. This starts with gaining the confidence of the members. Employees must feel that it is not just safe, but helpful to bring their complaint to their supervisor and that it will be dealt with promptly and fairly. · When a member brings you a complaint, listen. Even if the complaint seems to be unfounded, in the mind of the complainant, it's a serious matter. · Investigate all complaints. Don't assume you know all the facts. Take nothing for granted. Look at the record and talk to others who know about the situation. · Report back. If the gripe is unfounded, explain your reasoning to the complainant. If it's sub- stantiated, indicate what you'll do to correct it. · Take action. Do what must be done to correct the problem.