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Chapter 3. Laying the Foundation for Tea... > Redesign the Way Work Is Done - Pg. 28

Laying the Foundation for Team Success 28 · Time strictured:Most goals are expected to be accomplished in a specific time period. Members should be aware of these deadlines so they can work to reach them. · Flexible:Sometimes a goal just can't be reached. Circumstances may change: What once seemed viable may no longer be. Don't be frustrated. The team should rethink the situation and adjust the goal. Project goals should include · · · · · · · Description of the project. Why the project is important for the team. Results expected. How project fits into the overall organization's goals. Timetable for completion of each phase. Resources: budgets, information, administrative assistance, materials, equipment. Each member's role in the project. Once each member is aware of the objectives of the project and his or her role in it and is committed to its achievement, the project will move along smoothly. Redesign the Way Work Is Done When teams are formed, the old manner in which the work had been done is no longer effective. Instead of the focus being on individual jobs, it's now on the job of the entire team. True, there will be some members who will continue to perform specialized tasks, but these will be looked upon as part of the team effort rather than as separate jobs.