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Chapter 3. Laying the Foundation for Tea... > The Four C's of Team Success - Pg. 33

Laying the Foundation for Team Success 33 Team Builder The best way a team leader can "sell" ideas to the team is to present them as the skeletons of an idea and ask members to flesh them out. In this way the team plays a significant role in developing the concept. In truly collaborative teams, the team leader is the first among equals--a colleague, not a boss. Coaching becomes a function of every team member. If a member needs special training, the team leader can ask another member to coach her. If another member seems to be losing motivation, the team leader may delegate coaching him to another member, who, perhaps, had overcome a similar problem in the past. Using all members as coaches expands the value of coaching and supplements the team leader's efforts to keep the team in tip-top shape. How the leader can function as a coach is discussed in Chapter 8. See if your team is on the road to success. Answer these questions: Yes Yes No No 1. 2. Is the team's mission clear to all team members? Is the purpose of the project or assignment understood by members?