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Chapter 3. Laying the Foundation for Tea... > Redesign the Way Work Is Done - Pg. 29

Laying the Foundation for Team Success 29 · How issues and concerns will be handled:Members should be able to bring their concerns to the attention of the team at regular meetings. Some teams require members to present their concerns in writing via memos or e-mail to the entire team before the meeting. Provision should be made for dealing with emergency matters. · Resolving differences:By establishing a procedure for resolving differences, much time and rancor can be avoided. The team leader may mediate or arbitrate disagreements (see Chapter 11) or in self-directed teams (see Chapter 24), a third person can be chosen to help resolve the differences. Challenge the Status Quo Shifting from work groups to teams involves change. As pointed out, most people resist change and will find any excuse to keep things the way they are. Heads Up! Don't assume that what has worked well in the past is the best approach for the present or the future, or that just because an approach isn't new, it's outdated or useless.