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Chapter 3. Laying the Foundation for Tea... > Setting the Team's Goals - Pg. 27

Laying the Foundation for Team Success 27 · Success of the project is enhanced because when people participate in setting a goal, they are more likely to work hard to achieve it. "It's my goal, I have to make it succeed." · Collaboration reinforces the importance of team members supporting each other in implement- ing the goals. · As each team member knows what performance results are expected by every other member, he or she can measure progress and take the initiative to correct deviations from goals in a timely manner. Getting Support for the Process At a recent goal-setting seminar, one participant complained, "I have trouble getting people to buy in to the big-picture concept. They're so absorbed in the individual phases of their jobs that they can't see beyond their own problems." Here's how you can overcome this type of situation: · · · · · Bring everyone on your team into the early stages of the planning process. Discuss the major points of the overall plan. Ask each person to describe how he or she will fit in to the big-picture plan. Give each person a chance to comment on each stage of the project. Point out that differing opinions are encouraged and how this leads to a consensus on decisions. Breaking a long-term goal into bite-size pieces that people can relate to can help people see how their part in a project fits together with the others. It can also help them set overall team goals for the long run.