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Chapter 3. Laying the Foundation for Tea... > Overcoming Resistance to Teams - Pg. 24

Laying the Foundation for Team Success 24 In a team setup, the team leaders and team managers make decisions that are currently made by senior managers. Some may resent this loss of control; others may not have confidence in the abilities of lower ranking employees to make good decisions. FYI Some of the companies that have been most successful in implementing team systems are Boeing, Unisys, Proctor and Gamble, GE, Harley-Davidson, Xerox, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. There's no way the changeover to teams will work unless top executives in the organization are convinced of its value and give it full support. Here's a good example of how I handled such a situation. The CEO of a housewares distributor attended a seminar I conducted and was sold on the concept of using teams. He retained me to assist the company make the change. Despite the CEO's enthusiasm, the other senior executives were opposed to changing a system they considered to be working well. Knowing that unless these executives were as excited about the change as the CEO the program