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Introduction xvii Part 2 covers some of the basic tools of team leadership. You'll learn how to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, make meetings meaningful, and delegate work and ensure that it's done properly without micromanaging. Team leaders will learn to become team coaches, and team mem- bers will learn how to become mentors to associates who need help. Part 3: Can't We All Just Get Along? In these chapters, the critical problem of how to deal with troublemakers and maintain team harmony will be explored. Also covered are setting standards and measuring performance, handling discipline and termination of team members, and dealing with voluntary quits and downsizing. Part 4: T-E-A-M--Yay TEAM! In Part 4 you'll learn what empowerment really means, how to motivate members who have varying agendas, and the value (or lack of value) of money as a motivator. Part 5: Staffing the Team--And Getting It Going This part concentrates on forming the teams, whether the members are drawn from within the com- pany or recruited from outside. You'll learn how to screen applicants, interview prospects, check references, and make sound hiring decisions. In this part you'll pick up techniques for orienting and training new members. Part 6: Special Teams for Special Purposes These chapters will teach you about self-directed teams--teams that have no permanent leader. Also discussed are cross-functional teams, in which members are drawn from different departments or disciplines, and the complexities of working with teams whose members are located in remote locations. Extras To add to the material in the main text, a series of shaded boxes throughout the book highlight specific items that can help you understand and implement the material in each chapter: Team Terms You may have an idea of what most of these expressions mean, but you don't have to guess about their meanings and implications. These definitions will put you in the know so when your boss throws these terms at you, you won't have to bluff your way through. Team Builder