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Honing the Team Members' Skills 308 The World Wide Web has made all sorts of education more accessible. The greatest potential for Web-based training is in job training. The convenience of the Internet makes it an appealing tool, both for time-strapped, ambitious workers and costconscious, skill-hungry employers. Many com- panies have ongoing training programs available on their intranet. Teleconferencing Sometimes the most effective way to train or retrain staff members is to hold meetings or classes at which employees from several locations are brought together for the training. This is a common practice among national and global organizations. It's also one of the most expensive ways to train. Not only do the participants take time off from their regular work for the training sessions, but there is additional downtime for getting to and from the training site. Travel, hotel, and meals, and often the cost of renting the training facility (for example, a conference center) add to the expense. Team Terms Teleconferencing:Using computer and video techniques to enable interactive meetings in which people in several locations participate.