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Chapter 23. Honing the Team Members' Ski... > Setting Up an Orientation Program - Pg. 300

Honing the Team Members' Skills 300 Setting Up an Orientation Program In most companies, before new employees actually start their jobs, the human re sources depart- ment gives them a briefing about the company. They may be shown videos, given a tour of the facilities, receive literature, or attend a lecture. They learn the history of the organization, the benefits are explained, and rules and regulations outlined. This is a good start. The team leader must aug- ment this with an orientation to the team. The quality of the orientation has an impact on the future performance of new members, the manner in which they interact with associates, their job satis- faction, and even their career progress. Team Terms New employees get a better start on the job if they are made to feel they are part of the team from the beginning. Programs designed to give them information, answer their questions about the company and the team, and acquaint them with their teammates are called orientation programs . What Makes a Good Orientation Program?