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Honing the Team Members' Skills 309 When team members have more than just a casual knowledge of the work of the others, they can work more closely with them, coordinate their work more effectively, and even make suggestions that can help team members in disciplines other than their own. When faced with special assign- ments, such as researching new projects, selecting new equipment or software, or selecting new team members, the training each has in the work of others will enable them to make more meaningful decisions. Opposition to Cross-Training Some people do not want to be cross-trained. They don't want to be shaken out of their comfort zones. To motivate these people to enthusiastically support cross-training, they must be shown how it will be beneficial to them. If it will lead to possible advancement, point out how this will be accom- plished. (Caution: Do not make promises you may not be able to keep.) Describe how it will make their work more interesting. If there are several areas in which training will be offered, give them the opportunity to express which areas they would like to be trained in. Team Builder Cross-training is an important antidote to downsizing. If the company downsizes your team, other members