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Chapter 23. Honing the Team Members' Ski... > Training Tools and Techniques - Pg. 307

Honing the Team Members' Skills 307 · Establish the learning objectives. Determine the specific areas that the meeting will focus on. Show how this training will help the team meet its goals. Set up criteria on which the effectiveness of the training will be measured. · Record what has been accomplished at the meeting. Have the team create a training manual based on what has been learned. This will help the team continue to improve and can be built on as new ideas develop. Although the meeting can be chaired by the team leader, a member who is expert in the area covered may be tapped to run all or part of it. Occasionally, a member of another team, a specialist from another department, or an outside consultant may be invited to conduct training meetings. If non- team members are used, prepare the team by identifying the background of the guest and explaining why this person is qualified to train the team in that subject. Prepare the team to participate by giving members an outline of what will be covered. Suggest that they think of aspects of that area in which they are particularly inter ested and prepare questions for the presenter to answer and the participants to discuss at the meeting. Computers As a Training Tool Many companies have developed computer programs to train employees in a variety of areas. Such programs were initially designed for use in schools to enable students to learn at their own pace. Slower learners could take their time and repeat unclear sections until they understood them. Fast learners or students who had more background in an area could move quickly ahead, and students could test themselves as they progressed. FYI