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Chapter 23. Honing the Team Members' Ski... > Formal and Informal Training Program... - Pg. 303

Honing the Team Members' Skills 303 Team Terms Soft skills are the skills needed to work effectively with other people. They include communications, interper- sonal relations, leadership, and personal development. The reason many experts offer is that, although we are building technical skills, we aren't investing enough in training the human side--the skills needed to deal with people. Without investing in peo- ple, all you have is a lot of machinery. It's essential to train people in the soft skills. This is not only true in the areas of high techno l ogy, but in every part of the organization. Most training of factory and office employees is on improving performance; most sales training concen- trates on product knowledge. Time, money, and expertise must be given to the human side of the team members' activities. As most team leaders don't have the expertise to conduct their own training programs in the soft skills, such programs are conducted by either the human resources department or outside consul- tants, schools, or training organizations. Programs in selling, leadership, self-confidence, communications, public speaking, and more are available as in-house courses, or you can send team members to public seminars or classes. These