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Chapter 23. Honing the Team Members' Ski... > Formal and Informal Training Program... - Pg. 301

Honing the Team Members' Skills 301 Heads Up! If your new associate has done similar work in another job, don't assume that training is unnecessary. Observe the way a new employee approaches the job. It may be done differently from the way your team does it. To ensure consistency, retrain the person. Assess Your Training Needs Many companies only guess as to what type of training is needed. Training in the specific skills required to do the work is obvious, but skills alone do not ensure productivity. Too often, training programs are instituted that are not needed, while others that could be more valuable are ignored. Before choosing any training programs, the team leader should conduct a needs analysis. Pro fes- sional training experts apply systematic approaches to needs assessments, but you can make some basic assessments on your own. Study the jobs involved and ask yourself questions like these: