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Chapter 16. Different Strokes for Differ... > Make Your Team Self-Motivating - Pg. 201

Different Strokes for Different Folks 201 In the third year of Teamwork Day, hundreds of teams wanted to participate, but there was room for only 200 (1,000 people attended the exhibits). In the fourth year the company rented the con- vention center in Rochester, New York, and 5,000 people attended. In its fifth year, the program expanded internationally; teamwork fairs were held in Rochester, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, and elsewhere. Teamwork Day is now a highly anticipated annual event. Some other ways teams can be rewarded include · Teams are given more challenging assignments.This shows that management has confidence in the team and also offers the team opportunities to express its creativity and be of even more value to the company. · Teams are given more freedom in determining their goals.Collaborative goal setting is an in- tegral part of team activity; however, many team leaders are pressured by management to "guide" their teams to set predetermined goals. When teams show that they meet or exceed goals, this "guidance" is minimized or eliminated. · Higher level management recognizes team's accomplishments in special ceremonies.The team is presented with awards at celebratory dinners or special meetings. Family members are invited to enjoy the members' recognition. · Team is invited to attend company's national convention.In some companies the annual con- vention is a major event and is held at a resort hotel. Attendance is restricted to senior and middle managers plus a select list of other employees. Outstanding teams may be invited to attend or even participate in the program. · Teams make a presentation.Teams that have been particularly successful are asked to make a presentation at the convention, demonstrating how they worked together to accomplish a dif- ficult assignment.