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Chapter 16. Different Strokes for Differ... > Giving Recognition to Individuals - Pg. 197

Different Strokes for Different Folks 197 FYI Nobody expressed the meaning of team spirit better than Alexandre Dumas in his book The Three Musket- eers: "All for one, one for all." The compensation system was changed. Rather than rewarding only the salesperson for making a sale, bonuses and raises for all team members would be based on the team's productivity. At the end of the first year, sales had increased significantly. Rather than stall orders because of minor errors on an order form, order clerks went to the source and corrected the errors immediately. Secretaries and customer service reps went out of their way to help customers, and morale in the department grew immensely. The team leader should always be alert to what motivates his or her team and what factors inhibit motivation. To be sure you know what motivates your team, try this exercise: · · · Write down what you believe are the top team motivators. Ask the team members to write down what they believe motivates them. Conduct a meeting and compare and discuss the lists.