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Chapter 16. Different Strokes for Differ... > Interteam Competition - Pg. 205

Different Strokes for Different Folks 205 As teams become more and more a part of our work life, can competition among teams get members more enthusiastic about the team's work and result in higher productivity? Us vs. Them Unlike the games played in school, college, and in the professional leagues, work teams don't face a win-or-lose situation. On the job everybody must win. In any contest or competition between teams in the same company, the overall goal is a win for the company. The objective of such competitions is to stimulate every team to higher productivity. The winner doesn't "defeat" the other team(s)-- just bests them in at taining the contest's objectives. Setting Up the Teams When the Ace Insurance Company initiated competition among its teams, it chose to have regional contests. The company had five regions in three adjacent states in the Midwest. The team in each region consisted of members who were directly involved in sales. On each team were sales reps, who sold the policies; underwriters who determined the insurability of prospects and rates to be applied; and customer service reps who dealt with customers' problems. The objective of the ongoing contest was to increase total sales. As regions differed in past sales and future potential, the contest could not be judged by gross sales figures. A formula was developed to accommodate for these differences so that every team had an equal chance to win the prize: a cash bonus. In setting up a team competition, be sure that all members are informed of the objectives of the contest, the rewards, the rules of the contest, and what is expected of each of them.